Issue Number: 40 Spring/Summer 2013: A Retrospective


‘On Dover Beach': A Duologue for Radio

I Remember

Pinter in Rehearsal



I Remember

Losing a Life

Short Story

An Interview with Pat Brown

Acting Shakespeare

The Art of Choreography

A Director’s Notes

On Film Directing

Three Songs

On Board the USS Roosevelt


A Good Idea in Theory: Madame Bovary, C’est Moi

Stabbing: A Memoir

Tom Stoppard in Moscow

Two Poems


Alice Munro

Innocent Abroad

I Remember

Notre Proust

Marquez and the Magic of Realism

John Updike in Hospital

I Remember

Afghanistan Diary

Two Poems

On Memoir

The Scandal of the Swiss Slave-Children

Vivienne Eliot’s Biography

Our Bold: T S Eliot’s Alleged Hysteria

Manhattan: 1965

Blue Whale: A Short Film


Robert Macfarlane

In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clarke

A Good Idea in Theory: Making a Fist of Henry James

A Conversation


A Good Idea in Theory: Cigarette Break

Kitsch and W G Sebald

The Eichmann Diaries


My First Pogrom

Short Story


At The Movies For Money

Les Murray

I Remember

Philip Roth

Lancing and After

Tom Wolfe’s Fiction

Our Bold: The Wonder of Walcott


I Remember

Mr Carver and Dr Lish

  • 40 Spring/Summer 2013: A Retrospective

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