Issue Number: 02 Spring/Summer 2000

Visiting Brecht

To Japan with Chancellor Schröder

Three Poems

The Fiction of Jorge Luis Borges – A Conversation


Tadeusz Rozewicz: The Poet as Provocateur

Sylvia Plath's Journals

Scenes From a Life

Red Currants, Black Currants

Paul Muldoon’s Clarendon Lectures, “To Ireland, I”


Letter from Russia

Letter from New Zealand

Letter from New York

Kenneth Powell’s “Richard Rodgers: Complete Works. Vol I”

Failed Prophecies – An Overview

Eight Poems

Bruce King’s “Derek Walcott: A Caribbean Life”


When the Dream Goes Grey – On Board the USS Theodore Roosevelt

Postcard from Switzerland

John Updike’s "Gertrude and Claudius"


  • 02 Spring/Summer 2000

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