“‘Areté is a journal as exquisite in its execution as in its intentions.” – John Updike

“Incredible value – and no one interested in contemporary culture (novels, poetry, plays, films, reputations) should miss this fiery, funny, robustly intelligent commentary on our arts and times.” – William Boyd

“Areté carries a list of contributors which any editor would do hoopla for.” – Irish Times

“Vous m’avez donné un grand plaisir … votre revue m’est très sympathique et proche.” – Milan Kundera

Praise for The Retrospective:

‘Founded in 1999, Arete is a triannual literary magazine exhilaratingly unafraid of its eclectic tastes. The pieces in this selection from its first thirteen years give a good idea of how enjoyably far-ranging its interests are. There’s a radio play by Tom Stoppard; a brilliant, experimental piece on memory by Julian Barnes; and an interview of Steven Pinker by Ian McEwan. A box of abundant treats for the catholic and the curious.’ – Robert Collins, The Sunday Times

‘Everything in here works. It’s as simple as that.’ – Nicholas Lezard, The Guardian

Praise for A Scattering:

“A beautiful book… [that] performs the miracle of bringing the dead back to life.” – Adam Newey, The Guardian Review

“Heartbreaking… [they] exemplify the best of what Areté has published.” – Lachlan Mackinnon, The Guardian

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'The Greeks felt that areté was, above everything else, a power, an ability to do something. Strength and health are the areté of the body; cleverness and insight are the areté of the mind.'
Werner Jaeger: Paideia

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